Tangible & Intangible

An engineer & a film maker are in a conversation over change

E:- Your work is sooooo long-term, slow impact & yet so demanding.
F:- Hmm. And?
E:- Yours is so intangible too. You don’t make a real difference to the world. Just consolidate yourself while hanging around doing the stuff you enjoy. We make things, break things and solve problems. Like you know Google, right? Two engineers made that.
F:- Ya. I do know Google. And that the people who made it are called Engineers. Google did solve problems. It made information accessible, knowledge affordable and lives simpler.
E:- That’s right and I am proud of my community.
F:- But you know something!! The work I do is a different job.You guys changed HOW PEOPLE SEARCH. We change WHAT PEOPLE SEARCH.
E:- Blank.
F:- And that too with Fun, as attested by an engineer friend.😀
E:- 😦 I was not that serious about the fun part. Our job is not so boring.
F:- I am sure it’s not. You guys work only for five days and earn five digits.That’s certainly enough fun to pay the bill for today’s drinks. :-@
E:- Your work has made you cooler for sure. Aaj Bill ki tangible problem hum solve karenge. 😀
F:- Plz do. Tumhare liye ek film Kafi nahi, series banani padegi. 😀


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