School Safari

There are a lot of exciting experiments going on in India to understand Education and develop new methodologies & pedagogic techniques to yield productive, harmonious & holistic learning. Being an engineering drop out and part of a TV show featuring stories of innovative schools(limited to Maharashtra) & some more fictional stories inspired from such discoveries, I am strongly motivated to understand education better & implement my understanding into something formidable. In recent past, I embarked on a solo trip and since then the craving for scaling the planet has only grown stronger. I have been in process of ideating an activity studying experimental schools but not through books or in a library rather traveling to such hot-springs of knowledge. The list of schools is under development & during a random scrolling on facebook, I discovered this project. I liked the format and the overall design. I think I will try something like this and even connect with the people behind 52Parindey for guidance. I will update the answer when the schools are finalised. Kindly suggest any experimental school or learning institution which you have come across and is worth visiting.

Following links are a discovered during this brainstorming,
Futura Channel – Brazil, Destination Education

Alternative Education – The other road to school


Schools – Cafe’- Spaces-Resources-Products – Services – Events – About – Friends .


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