#spellsofdigging #historyofinternet #1

Live streaming of Will and Kate’s wedding is the biggest event ever watched on the Internet. – 2011

Jimmy Wales launches Wikipedia.  There are half a million Internet users.-2001

Aaron Swartz Helps Build Creative Commons -2001

Aaron Swartz co-creates RSS, a program that collects news from various web pages and puts them in one place for readers, with the goal of making information freely available to everyone.- 2000

Craig Newmark founds CraigsList in 1999

Tan Tin Wee Founds Multilingual Internet DNS- 1998

Singapore hosts the first Chinese and Tamil websites. -1998

The advent of web publishing tools available to non-technical users spurs the rise of blogs. -1998

MP3 was developed in 1995 by Brandenburg

Internet passed the one million mark in 1992

WWW opens to public on the Internet in 1991

LINUX was created by Linu Trovalds in 1990 making it the leading supporter of Open Source Software.

Tim Berners Lee creates WWW at CERN in 1989

Srinivasan Ramani plays a key role in India’s Education and Research Network (ERNET) and leads the effort to set up ERNET’s international gateway, starting with a link to Amsterdam.



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