#SpellsofDigging #typing

Typing is a skill in this era of technology.

Legs are important not only for runners, but for those who walk a lot as well.(- Borrowed).

Wherever you type develop a habit not to look at the keyboard.

Keep a disused keyboard in the TV room. Whenever the adverts come on, try transcribing them. If you get too far behind, just jump to the start of the next ad.

It may seem hard and there is an inherent tendency to give up. But once you stick to it, within a few weeks, you will see significant changes.

Fifteen to thirty minutes here and there.

It took me three weeks, three hour sessions gradually shifting to ten minutes per day. And I’m not even that smart.


Ref:- https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-good-ways-to-learn-how-to-type-fast


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